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FrSky Horus X12S officially released today !

Official message from FrSky:

"We are excited to announce FrSky Horus Radio is officially released at the last day of 2015.
FrSky is continuously adding features and improvements to our radio systems at past years; we are convinced that the Horus X12S is one of main representative product in FrSky radio series product, which built-in new FrTX operation system and integrated many wonderful features.
More information about Horus X12S can be found on: "

[Video] Needle 100 DSL

My latest video filmed the 28th of December and the last for 2015, as the weather is now wet and some snow is finally expected in the next days. October to December have been crazy with plenty of nice flights at col de faisses in very good conditions, so I could do lot's of nice pictures and video.

[Video] Weasel Trek

I have missed this video posted few weeks ago, showing the Weasel Trek in flight. Watching this video, it seems this new version of the Weasel has better aerobatic capabilities and is lighter than the previous EPP version, the one I have. The bad news is that we will need to wait as the release date has shifted to the 1st quarter of 2016.

Last slope flight of 2015

Global Warming ?
The 28th of December, at 1700m of altitude, no snow and 12 degrees ! We could reach the slope easily and had an exceptional flying session with 10 to 15m/s of wind. I flew and enjoyed a lot my old and brave Needle 100 DSL (triple carbon version of the Needle 100), recently upgraded with HV servos (MKS HBL 6625). A great day to end the 2015 slope season !

Christmas time !

Ok, ok ...the picture I chose is maybe not very representative as there is no snow on the french alps at the moment. Anyway, I wanted to wish you all and your family a Merry Christmas !

[Breaking news] New Dynamic Soaring world record !

Spencer Lisenby established a New Dynamic Soaring world record 513 mph flying his Kinetic 130 at Weldon, with a wind up to 60 mph. 513 mph is 825,6 km/h, an impressive 229 m/s. This is just insane !
Congratulation to Spenser for this achievement !

[RC Soaring Digest] Rreview of the Vagabond XL from Hacker Model

My review of the Vagabond XL  from Hacker Model has been published in the January issue of RC Soaring digest. In this issue, there is also a nice report about the slope meeting at Monte Cucco 2015 and last bu not least, the report about the Typhoon Race 2015 in Korea, by Stanley Chan, photos by Pang Yong Wee. You can download the magazine here:

[update] BQ Hephestos 2

I'm still learning, between temperatures, speed, and other settings in Slic3r to generate the GCode. But I'm progressing and made a  good production today :  Ballast spacers, Mobius supports, servo frames. 3M BlueTape is providing good results and can be reused several time if you don't damage it when removing printed parts.  At the moment, the ideal temperature for my Orange PLA is now 215°C. Speed is at 50 mm/s.

[Essai] Mini-Epsilon de Staufenbiel


Comme la plupart des grand distributeurs, Staufenbiel a, depuis quelques années déjà, développé sa gamme propre de planeur et moto-planeur. Les kits proposés sont fabriqués en chine, ce qui permet de proposer un prix compétitif quel que soit la version. Le mini Epsilon de Staubenfiel est le petit dernier de la large gamme Epsilon qui va jusqu'à une envergure de 4m pour la version XL. Il s'agit d'un planeur de 2.5m d'envergure, ni trop petit ni trop grand donc, à mi-chemin entre un hotliner et un planeur voilier plus grand, équipé d'un RG15, profil assez ancien mais toujours performant. Planeur à tout faire par excellence, disponible en version ARF ou PNP, c'est cette deuxième version que je vous propose à l'essai aujourd'hui.

Le Kit PNP

Le kit PNP (pour «Plug and Play») est livré avec moteur et servos mais il ne s'agit pas pour autant d'un modèle prêt à voler car il manque le contrôleur et la batterie de propulsion, et il reste quelq…

May the force be with you !

Picture of the day... 

3D printer: BQ Hephestos 2

Christmas is earlier this year ! I bought the very new and just released spanish 3D printer BQ Hephestos 2. It is a RepPrap Prusa I3 type printer. According to the specs, print dimension is (x)210 mm x (y)297 mm x (z)220 mm. Packaging is very nice and everything is made for an easy assembly.


The advertising says that it can be completed in less 2 hours. Well, to be honest, they must be super-humans, because it took me around 4 hours non-stop. I would say that the mechanic part is well thought and assembly went well. Wiring is another story. It could be better I think. Overall I'm satisfied with the kit. I switched it on and it said "hello world", and it speaks several languages. Below are all the detailed pictures I took during the assembly.

Calibration and first print:

Calibration started badly until I understood that I shifted the 3 end course switch connectors. After fixing this the calibration went OK and is quite simple. I interrupted the first print attempt…

[Review] Swift from Hacker Model, Fly EPP with style !


At the last toy fair 2015 in Nuremberg, and following the success of the Vagabond, Hacker Model had plenty of new gliders to display. This is actually a original proposal where the same aerodynamic concept is available in 4 different semi-scale models (Blanik, Swift Fox, Lunak) and available in various colors to suit all tastes ! I propose you today the review of the Swift from this SKG product range.

Kit Overview

The Hacker Model Kit is without doubt what is the best in the world of hot wired cutted EPP models. Carefully packed, we discover firstly the wings, decorated covered wings with a laminate film, pine spar and plywood root rib already in place. Servo prints are done and the servo wires tunnel also.

The fuselage is also decorated but not covered with laminate film. Various cuts are already made, either for the fin or the tailplane, for the wing root print and the radio housing. The tailplane and fin are delivered articulated but uncovered.
The complete hardware inc…