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Hacker Model Vagabond: Kit Overview

After a long long wait the Vagabond finally landed, and the wait was worth it. What is the Vagabond ? It is the first widely commercial VTPR glider, made from EPP foam and printed for a nice color design. It exists in 2 versions: uncovered, and covered with a laminate film (wings, tails and fin/rudder). It features a SB96V section, nearly 90° tail rotation and weight around 500 and 600 depending of the version.

 Below is the photo album of the kit as it arrives:
Unlike other EPP plane (foam cutted), the Vagabond assembly is well advanced. Wings are nearly finished, just needing the servos, control horn and rod installation. The fuselage need some work, like insert the carbon rods for the stifness, the sleeve for the rudder and elevator control rods, the servos tray, the root section in the middle of the fuselage.

Overall degsign is well thought, except the tail plane which is not removable. This is a shame because the wings are. Now this is perfectly understandable as the easiest w…

F3F in the Vosges (route des crêtes)

Excellent competition last week-end in the east of France (Alsace). We managed 16 rounds with 21 pilots (7 rounds on Saturday, and 9 on Sunday). Saturday, conditions were light with some crossed wind, best time at 44s. The rain came around 4pm. On sunday, we had a beautiful day, with stronger wind. Top pilots were always in sub-40. I personnaly achieved a nice 32s with my Needle 115V despite a very slow last lap after the plane stopped in the last turn . But the best time of the competition went to Frederic Hours with a superb 30.40s with his Stinger. The top 4 was very closed between Aubry Gabanon, Frédéric Hours, Mark Redsell (who came from UK) and myself. Frédéric finally won the competition, followed by Aubry (992 points), I finished third (987 points) and Mark in 4th position (986 points). A veny nice and intense competition, in a beautiful area. A big thanks to the organisers Renaud and stéphane !

And below is the usual short video from Aubry Gabanon, giving a different perspect…

[Essai en Francais] Libelle de Dream-Flight, le lancé-main pour tous !


Suite à l'incroyable succès planétaire de la Weasel et de l'Alula, suivi coup sur coup de l'arrêt de leur production pour diverses raisons, tout le monde attendait avec impatience et fébrilité ce que pouvait nous réserver Dream Flight pour prendre la relève, quand début février son patron Michael Richter annonçait la sortie de son nouveau modèle et une première, un lancé-main moulé en elapor ! Alors que les prix des lancés-main tout composite atteignent des sommets en raison de leur construction toujours plus high-tech, le Libelle se positionne lui comme modèle de découverte de la catégorie, à moindre coût. Pari gagné ?… C'est ce que nous allons voir dans cet essai.

Un kit dans la pure tradition Dream Flight

Ce qui m'avait frappé lors de l'essai de la Weasel et l'Alula, c'est une conception particulièrement aboutie du modèle, dans ces moindres détails. On retrouve ce souci du travail bien fait avec le kit du Libelle. A l’ouverture du joli ca…

Take Off Ardèchois (F3F French league contest)

2 very warms days (34°) in Ardèche for a contest of the french league. The south slope has been very capricious, with very rapid changes left crossed wind, rigth crossed wind, strong wind with no lift, huge thermal. So it has been like a shaker between pilots until the end. Aubry Gabanon wins the competition, followed by Matthieu Mervelet and Arnaud Leger. A big thanks to Gisèle, Yves, Paul and Etienne, the organisers. End of August will be on the same slope the national championship.

Below is a very nice video From Aubry Gabanon using a TBS PRO quadcopter. it give a nice perspective of the slope. A nice place to fly !

Vagabond from Hacker Model

The wait is over !

Announced in Numberg, all the slope soaring community was waiting impatiently the new VTPR glider from Hacker Model. It is finally here, and the wait was worth it !

Two version are available: raw (uncovered) or covered with laminated film. My version is the laminate film covered version. The fuselage is not covered, just wings, tails, and fin/rudder. A wuick look at the kit content shows a a nicely designed and very complete kit. At the opposite of most of foam cutted EPP kit, the assembly is well advanced, especially on the wing, as the spar and root are already done. There is a bit more work on the fuselage but the assembly remains very straight forward. The kit comes with a nice assembly note with plenty of pictures.

Just for information, the components weight of the 2 versions are the following:

Note: in parenthesis, the basic version

Left wing: 122g (86g)Right wing: 120g (86g)Fuselage: 45g (45g)Canopy + servo tray: 60g (60g)Fin / rudder: 13g (5.9g)tails: 27g (15g…

Shinto, kit overview

I received the last F3F weapon of my fleet. A Shinto from Aer-o-tec, manufactured by Vladimir Model. The kit arrived in a robust wood box in a perfect condition.
As expected, moulding quality is superb using carboline extensively. Wings are light but strong. Tails are like feather with only 26g. Keep in mind that a ligth tail is not necessarely fragile as it has no inertia during impact.
The servo tray is already milled, and accept 12mm mini servo like the MKS 6125e. Even to nose lead is provided. Ballasts are moulded in a mix of lead and another metal which make them very strong.

Below are some picture of the kit as you receive it with ballast, protection bags.

Components weight are the following:

Left wing: 570g Right Wing: 588g Left tail: 26g Right tail: 27g Fuselage + Canopy + servo tray + CG nose lead (provided) : 348g Joiner: 116g   so a total of 1675g

Wing ballast (x12): 157g Joiner ballast (x4): 166gTotal ballast: 2548 gr !!! not bad 

I'm waiting for the LDS system to start …