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Discovering the F3F category

This is an article in french I wrote for the french federation of aeromodelling (FFAM). You can download the full article here. Time to practice a bit your french language :) !!!

The MILLION visits has been reached !!!!

The MILLION visits has been reached !!!!

Planet-Soaring blog ( reached 1 million visits last night since the counter is active, that is to say october 2009. But Planet-Soaring story started back in 1998 with a first webzine named RC Soaring Magazine. Few years later, because of a domain name transfer issue, I created the domain name planet-soaring which is linked to the blog.

A big "thank you" for your support and loyalty !

Pike Perfection V-tail

I received some nice pictures from Helmut Röhner (Germany) of his new Pike Perfection V-tail version, the new version of the exceptional F3J sailplane developped by Samba Model.

Video: Ultrabatics

This new video from Steve Lange features an ultra light aerobatic glider doing crazy aerobatic at low speed and close to the ground. It's like the plane is a feather, looking so light. Is the plane inflated with some Helium ?

Look At Where We Are // Ultrabatics 2014 from surfimp on Vimeo.

Video: synchronized patrol flying

This superb video posted by didier Hamond is featuring 2 Excalibur VTPR gliders (piloted by Christophe and Michael) flying synchronized at slope, near Saint Brieuc (I guess). This has been made possible because plane are identical, so same evolution speed. With the addition of the right music, the show becomes simply magic !

Libelle, new video

New video filmed at midday yesterday, on a flat field, with no wind.
You will see at the end of the video my new launch method. I need to practice again because it is not very efficient !

IAR 35, some news from Thuro

I posted last august some information about this Romanian aerobatic plane. Thuro, from Austria, is currently making a 5m version of this plane. Thuro made good progress and sent me these pictures of his really nice looking and original aerobatic plane:

Flying the Libelle from Dream-Flight

The coincidence Weather/Libelle is very good because at the moment in France we have very high pressure for few days and consequently a sunny weather with no wind at all. so it was really the time to try such type of sailplane ! I did the maiden flight at the local slope with no wind, then the day after, we flew at the Pierre Percée, a nice place to make a shooting session, with plenty of snow and still no wind. So what to say about the Libelle:


Using normal technique (by the fuselage), the launch is pretty easy, but the height reached is not high. With the discus launch, it is much better. I'm a total newbee in this, so doesn't have the technique at all. With my onboard altimeter probe and telemetry, I recorded my best launch at 25+ meters. I expect an experimented launcher to reach 35meters and possibly a bit more. Pilots expecting the Libelle to compete with high end fully moulded HLG will be disapointed, but the airframe made mainly of foam is not rigid enough an…

Dream Flight Libelle assembly

As I always do different from the assembly manual, I started by the fuselage. First of all, I glued the pastic control horns on the rudder and the tail. As there is a recess, you cannot be wrong. I used medium type CA from R&G. I use cotton bud to wipe away excess glue.

Then I fixed the tail in place with the plastic screw to have a reference, then glued the fin in place on the boom with a quick check using a 90° square. I didn't add the small piece of tape overlaping onto fin as mentionned in the manual. I don't think it is needed.

Next step was to install the elevator and rudder servos in place. I used 4 x Power HD DSM44, metal gear, digital servos I had for a while for another foamie project. Being a bit higher than the recommended HS-35HD, I digged a bit the foam, till the plastic shell in skid. Servos are glue using some Uhu-pore neoprene glue. Now we can install the pushrods. The shorter one is for the elevator, the longer for the rudder. The Z-bend end is on servos…

More to come ...


Dream Flight LIBELLE kit overview

Today, I received one of the very first Libelle kit from Dream Flight. The Libelle is a 1.2 meters DLG designed for the modeller who wants to discover the hand launch glider category without emtying his wallet. According to Michael Richter, the Libelle has been designed to be compact (giving more clearance during the discuss launch), with a lower aspect ratio to improve low speed turning abililties, in combination with large control surfaces. Lets have a look to the kit content:

Kit Overview:

The wing panels: They are very nicely moulded, no extraction marks on the upperside, some very small ones underside, but good point, no ugly injection points. The servo and wire prints (including lead extension plugs) are molded, as all the necessary prints for plastics part to assemble the wing panels together. Wing panels have the carbon spar (flat carbon rod) in place and also a plastic part located on each wing tip to receive the launching peg.

Fuselage and Canopy:  They arrive already assembl…