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Pike Precision electro fuselage

I recently received from Samba Mmodel my Pike Precision electro fuselage. Below are some pictures of it. the fuselage arrives with the servos tray ready to mount, servos being upside down in this configuration. elevator snakes are in place. A small pocket with accessories such as the wing connector (green MPX connectors) and wires, ball clevises. the fuselage is shorter thant the glider version, present the same inner section, that is to say it is very tight. The motor must be as inrunner, with gear train. Several combination of motor/propeller/ESC are possible. On my side, I will reused my Kontronik Kira 480-43.

For further information you can contact Samba Model. I will start the assembly soon and will post the progress here.

MPX Solius review

I finally purchased the Solius RR to fly sometimes at lunch break closed to my office, and also do some aerial pictures with the GoPro3. I like the look of the Solius that reminds me the Blanik L-33 Solo. The review starts very badly with an uncomplete RR kit. the tailplane was missing, and also the user manual and the ESC user manual. This is very unusual for MPX, but shows that nobody is perfect, despite the "made in germany" writen on the box. A mail to the french representatives Bruno Blin and Claudette Hoydem remained without answer which is, from my point of view, a bit annoying (is customer care not important ?). The missing parts couldn't have been removed after leaving the manufacturer, because the cardbox was perfectly new, untouched, still sealed with the original tape, and because I choosed myself the box among 15 kits at the reseller stock. Hopefully my reseller, very reactive, fixed the problem quickly by providing me the missing parts.
What do you get: 2 …

Same spot, 5 days later ...

I just received the following picture from my friend Frederic Hours. He flew the F3F spot near Gap again, but the site looks very different after the snow falls of last sunday, with 40 cm of snow !!!
He had 3 to 6 m/s and the slope was very good.

Testing a new F3F spot

Before the bad weather and snow come back, Saturday was a good window to drive to Gap (100km south to Grenoble).

Testing a new spot is always a mixing of excitation and stress. Will the slope be good and fast ? Will the landing area not too problematic ?

We (Joel and I) arrived around 1pm at the parking and met Arnaud who found this slope. After a 10 minutes easy walk we arrived on the crest, visited the area, and the landing zone. Then we start to fly on very variable conditions.

But smoothly the wind increased to read around 10m/s in the middle of the afternoon. The lift became consistent with no "holes".

I flew my Needle 100 DSL all the afternoon, and enjoyed it a lot, as it was very fast and was tracking very well. Later in the afternoon, Frederic joined us to  enjoy strong lift, while the sky was becoming darker, announcing rain and snow in the coming hours.

Today, there is 5cm of snow on the slope and it is still snowing :( !

What a cold and snowy winter !

An afternoon at the local slope

Finally snow has gone and last sunday afternoon was a very light breeze and cool temperatures around 16°. I started the afternoon with the Boar.

It was really great, the boar was surfing the sky fastly, circling great in few thermals, doing aerobatics easilly. I was able to do 3 rolls in sequence without problem.

Then the breeze was established, so I flew the Schwing88. I did some DS light, and the plane is very good at it. The Schwing 88 tracks very well . Here is a video I did:

Article: Ha non !... Le CANARD n’est pas mort.

The following article (in French) describes a home made Lifting-canard sailplane for slope soaring. A very original approach but finally an excellent airframe according to Jean-Francois.

Texte Jean-François SARTEUR – Photo Benoit GRASSET


Vous le repérerez sans hésiter au premier coup d’œil !...avec une allure futuriste et des origines ancestrales, un planeur formule canard ne passera jamais incognito sur une pente. Cette race de volatiles étant en voie d’extinction, les informations précises sur le sujet en modélisme sont rares surtout en vol de pente, c’est pour cela que j’ai décidé de faire sa découverte par moi-même en réalisant un modèle perso pour le tester en vol. 
Tout d’abord, comme on ne peut comparer que ce qui est comparable, l’idée de pouvoir utiliser la même paire d’ailes et le même stabilisateur dans les deux formules me paraît la méthode la plus adaptée. Pour cela j’ai choisi de transformer un de mes planeurs de vitesse bien aimé en formule canard. Il s’agit …

Graupner becomes Graupner / SJ Gmbh

As announced on Planet-soaring few days ago, and despite some contradictory information denying or confirming that Graupner was in Bankruptcy, Graupner offficially becomes from the 1st of March Graupner / SJ Gmbh. In other words, SJ Propo acquired Graupner, keeping the brand name.
You can read the official announcement on Graupner Website.

The press release insists on the following points:

Traditional business models will continue.Continuation of the remote control system HoTT and streamlining of the product rangeThe company headquarters in Kirchheim unter Teck remainsPreviously sold products is guaranteed What is not said is that the number of employes goes from 120 to 38 which means lots of people/family impacted, which is sad.

The Shining, episode 2

Jack Nicholson just signed for the second part of "The shining" ( The new movie will be filmed near Grenoble, after I found the ideal place for it :) !

More seriously, this is a Sanatorium, built in 1933 and abandoned in 2009 as the sanatorium has been moved into Grenoble suburb. This sanatorium should be destroyed soon.

This is a shame because the building is very nice, and the scenery from this place is just awesome as you can see on the last picture.

For the anecdote, few years ago during april fools day, a rumour was saying that a Qatari prince bought the building to transform it in a luxury hotel. The rumour has been relayed in the newspapers at that time.

For the aerial photography, I used my EasyStar 2 and the GoPro 3BE, with 2s elapsed time pictures.

Some talented photographers did some picture inside of the buildings. I recommend you a visit to the following albums:

Model' Air: A New magazine in France

Well, this is the issue number 0, still a project, so not sure the number 1 and next issue will be published one day. The concept is to publish an electronic magazine (3 resolutions available for PCs, tablets and smartphones), free for the readers, and financed by the advertising. A bit like RC Soaring Digest. Model'Air magazine is a generalist magazine about aeromodelling. This number 0 has 214 pages with reviews, reports. Premium quality, superb pictures and editing, plenty of articles like the test of the Solius from Multiplex, of the report about Nuremberg 2013. In addition there are few hyperlinks to videos on youtube. In short a superb magazine to donwload and enjoy ... in french !  (a good opportunity to learn this nice language ;-) ).
You can download this issue at the following URL