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Video: Schwing 88 at the Pierre Percée

The "Pierre Percée" is a natural stone arch located on a hill upon the commune of Pierre-Châtel and La Motte d'aveillans, 30 km south of Grenoble. The slope faces the south direction and offer a stunning and awasome scenery with a large valley, which is in fact a plateau surroundered by mountains. On this plateau (also called Matheysine) , shaped by glaciers during the previous glacial periods and surrounded by high mountain ranges, the bise wind blows intensely, being frosty during Winter, but pleasant in Summer. Furthermore, at Winter time, the area can face heavy snowfalls. For these reasons, Matheysine is being nicknamed "Little Siberia".

All this area and the mountains around are my playground with plenty of slopes I fly in summer. I must agree that I live in a beautiful place. This is one of the reason I moved here to finish my studies in 1987.
I haven't flown this particular slope for almost 20 years so it was like a new discovery today. The slope p…

Video: Grenoble from above

In this end of the year (not of the earth hopefully ;) ), today was sunny enough to do a short aerial video with my EasyStar 2, equiped with the GoPro and the Keycam 808#16 V2 Lens D.
This is the version RR of the Easystar 2, and with the 200g of the 2 video cam, the plane was obviously underpowered. I need a better solution for aerial pictures and video. I also noticed some jello effect this time, so not enough filtering of the vibration.

According to Wikipedia, Grenoble is a city in southeastern France, at the foot of the French Alps  Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble is the capital of the department of Isère. The proximity of the mountains, as well as its status as the most populated city of the Alpine region before Innsbruck and Bolzano, has led to the city being known in France as the "Capital of the Alps".
Grenoble's history goes back more than 2,000 years, at a time when it was a small Gallic village. While it gained in stature by becoming the capital o…

Keycam 808#16 V2 + Lens D

Few year ago, I had a keycam and lost it during the first flight. It detached from it support and falled from altitude on the slope. I never retrieved it. At that time the resolution was VGA, the image format 4/3 and the FOV was too narrow.
Things has changed over the years and we can easily find HD ready and Full HD Keycam. the most interesting things is that now you can find it with a new lens D that provide a FOV of 120°.
I really wanted a cam to mount almost everywhere on a plane, the Go Pro or equivalent cam being too heavy and big for this excercice.

I decided to give a try and bough my Keycam on EBAY. The seller is very serious. I paid via Paypal and the cam has been shipped the next day. I received the user manual in a mail. 10 days later the cam, very well packed, was in my mailbox !

I paid 53$ for the cam and a 8Go Kingston microSD card. The cam comes with some accessories: One USB cable, a pair of adhesiveVelcro, and a pair of Video Output cable (see photo). This video outp…

A nice micro slope glider: BOAR

Boar is a micro slope model, just below 1 m wingspan, weighting about 320g, fully moulded, and made by the KERR soaring team in Hungary. This team is Endre Kaposi and Róbert Remény. They fly slope and F5J and obtained good result (second place at the national F5J champioship) with the F5J400OR. The created their workshop and use CNC to mill moulds, and cut parts. In project, a 2 meters V-tail sport model, called Unicorn.

You can visit their website

More pictures about the moulding and construction of the Boar can be found here: Boar Photo Album

RC Soaring Digest, January issue

The january issue of RC Soaring Digest webzine has just been released and features a photo report about the 2012 F3F championship in Rügen.

It can be downloaded at following the URL: HERE